• Can anyone come to Brunch Church?

    Yes! Brunch Church is open to anyone in the community.

  • Does it cost anything?

    No! Brunch Church is provided free of charge. There will be an opportunity to donate towards food cost, but that is completely up to those attending.

  • Who’s behind this?

    Brunch Church is sponsored by Oasis Home Church. We are a church of home churches that love to provide opportunties for people to gather over a great meal!

  • Can I help out?

    Of course! We are always open to having volunteers in making Brunch Church happen. Whether you’d like to help serve food, setup and tear down tables and chairs, or make a great cup of espresso...hit us up!

  • Why only the fourth Sunday each month?

    Right now both Oasis Home Church and Light Church hold weekly services on Sunday mornings. Brunch Church is a special partnerhsip where both choose to do a combined service for the community. You are welcome to check out more info on either church for weekly services.